Sections 3 Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 posting Microsoft-Wireless-Mouse-3000-backsideMicrosoft Wireless Mouse 3000 presents basic mouse capabilities with fairly cost-effective $ 29. ninety five. Unfortunately, it’s a little too basic regarding our purposes: Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 does not come with just about any software, any more buttons, and never has a receiver, with a quite short range of the 3-foot. For users who sadly are not going too much away from its laptop, this mouse serves as a good fit, but we like the Logitech V400 with regards to price is even more expensive, but additional functional, and give software included, five programmable buttons, and numerous up to 30-feet.

Kid use Optical Mouse 3000, you merely have to insert an individual AA battery and plug within the wireless receiver. Microsoft IntelliPoint application is not contained in the package, but you are able to download it directly from your Microsoft website. This software will probably add a tab to the regular mouse manipulate panel. From generally there, you can choose left and right buttons for the scroll wheel and also customize the buttons from the list of features and tasks. Microsoft-Wireless-Mouse-3000Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 body bring attractive blue-gray, and has any contoured design so that it is very comfortable to keep. The left along with right have practically full size plus easy to just click. Scroll wheel owned slightly small – in regards to the size of not one but two pennies stacked funds – and merely allow vertical scroll, unlike the Logitech V400 gives you four-way scroll wheel. Ambidextrous shape Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 is well suited for users who use the left hand plus right hand end users.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 comes with an USB receiver that is certainly attached to underneath of the Mouse – a characteristic we consider important using a laptop mouse. regrettably, the range in the receiver is extremely weak, and can only reach as long as 3-feet – Kensington handheld Laser PilotMouse, for instance, can reach approximately 30 feet with distance. Although the oven of Optical Mouse 3000 can be quite bad, we are excited about the performance with the tracking sensor. We wouldn’t notice any lag or maybe errors of you, 000 dots for each inch (dpi) optical sensor.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 has an limited warranty for four years, in accordance with all the guidelines within the package.

Battery set up:
The battery part is positioned right under that mouse. There is a smallish button located on the outside of of the Mouse. If you hit the button, it can open the power compartment cover. simply insert one AA power supply, and we simply need to lock back in place.

You merely get to travel is not too far away from the laptop that may be 3 feet, as well as mouse can even now move. But believe me; if you decide to go further than in which, the mouse does not work anymore.


Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 has little help personally. It lets me be without any wiring, with effective and easy set up. I was impressed with the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 to date, and have simply no complaints whatsoever. I usually do not experience lag with my mouse pointer, and I was very happy with my purchase.

I propose the Microsoft instant Mouse 3000 get the right who does possibly not hold a function on the laptop touchpad, in addition to for those who don’t like the wiring.

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